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FBTSZ brings together the innovative technologies and  complementary skills.

About us

The company was founded in 2010, its owners and managers has been working for seven years in the field of renewable energy production. During this time they have built up a good working relationship with many professionals, which has made it possible to occupy a completely new recovery technology in Hungary.

The company Owners are engaged for many years in the secondary raw material sorting and processing technology development and refinement of know the whole process of technology. This huge advantage for creating such an innovative system , considering that there is no competition of the procedure either environmental or efficiency, nor economically aspect.

The Waste Management Strategy of FBTSZ Ltd


➢ Reduce, reuse, recycling and recovery ..... safely, efficiently, with high indicators

➢ We are ready to solve the problems of any non-recyclable waste problems of all companies and waste generators

➢ Treatment of industrial and domestic plastic waste in one facility

➢ Meet the authorities' requirements

➢ Reduced role of third party involvement

➢ The recycling  in 100% is possible

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